Bathgate Development Trust


Looking for Members and Directors

Bathgate Community Council believes a  Community Development Trust could be a useful vehicle for developing and improving our town for our residents. For a Trust to be successful it needs a group of people with experience and enthusiasm   to steer its activities and formulate plans to attract funding and human resources to projects that will benefit Bathgate.

Interested ?  email  

BIG PUBLIC MEETING was held in August 2019

The event was held in Bathgate Partnership Centre on Tuesday 27th August  4pm and 7pm ...   and it was a major consultation meeting with as many people in the community as possible to test the appetite for a local Bathgate Development Trust.  The view was that we should proceed and we have formed a company limited by guarantee. We will be testing out project ideas and looking for suggestions from everybody.  A company limited by guarantee  means any surplus funds will be spent on the community projects being supported and kept within the company .  No funds handed out as dividends as its  a community focused company run by the community.    

Want to know more ? All Welcome

If you are interested in Bathgate and its future and want to get involved in developing our community this could be a  practical way forward. just email for more details at  

Want some more Information from experts ..

If you need more information prior to the event you can have a look at this website as it was Catherine Dougan from Development Trust Association Scotland who gave us a presentation on how development trusts work and how her organisation can assist us if we decide to set on up in Bathgate.  

Many other Community groups have created Trusts

Community based Development Trusts give community groups a practical vehicle to bring forward their ideas and projects into real life on the ground improvements 

Contact us if you are interested or have an idea or project

If you have an idea for the town or a project that you want to pursue that will be beneficial to Bathgate Just email us at 

Give us your contact details and we will be in touch